Comprehensive visitor identity solutions for military bases and government facilities.

Defense ID for Government Access Control

The Defense ID security system reads barcodes, magnetic stripes, RFID and OCR codes printed on ID cards. Defense ID compares visitor identification card information with over 100 databases. By scanning visitor identification cards with Defense ID's rugged handheld mobile devices, you can immediately:

  • Determine if the ID is fake.
  • Determine if the visitor has outstanding wants and warrants.
  • Determine if the visitor is on an authorized roster of previously cleared personnel.
  • Check an ID against lost or stolen lists. 

Other features:

  • Defense ID has photo capture capability, incident recording, and a manual search option. 
  • Defense ID is available with the Fugitive Finder option which compares ID information directly with the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).
  • Defense ID is available as a hosted software solution.
  • Defense ID reads US and Canadian Driver’s licenses, Military CAC cards, TWIC cards, and other identification documents issue by government agencies.  It also has the capability to add on other documents that have machine readable zones.

Defense ID

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Visitor Management

The IM3000 Visitor/Vendor Control Center makes it easier to process individuals who wish to enter a facility.

  • Pre-populates fields
  • Takes photos
  • Runs POI queries
  • Prints badges

The IM3000 Visitor/Vendor Control Center scans government issued ID cards to create badges or allows the visitor to use an existing military ID, TWIC, or driver's license as a badge by use of linking technology. The rugged Defense ID handhelds link to the IM3000 database and display registration photos whenever the ID card is scanned. Facilities can control visitor and vendor access by date, time, location, and/or alert level.

One-Sheet IM3000

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The IM3000 station is comprised of advanced software, desktop computer, 2D barcode imager, smart card reader (for TWIC), ID camera, badge printer, connectors, cables and a starter kit of badge supplies. The IM3000 Visitor/Vendor Control Center gives full positive-access control and provides a complete security system when coupled with the IM2500 Sentry Handheld or the IM2600 Series Handhelds. 

IM3500 Secure Web-Services

This option allows visitors to pre-register with their sponsor via a secure, online process speeding up registration.

Defense ID FAQ


For more information about Defense ID contact or dial 1 (360) 344-3233.