Solution by Industry: Financial Services / Fintech

Stop Identity Fraud at the Door

Keep Bad Actors Out While Complying with Industry Regulations

Financial services companies have long been a target of fraudsters, and customers are more concerned than ever about the safety of their personal information. 

Industry leaders must continue to provide the best customer experiences possible while meeting regulations and keeping customers safe, and Intellicheck provides many of the top financial institutions with 99.9% accurate identity validation. 


Find the Fakes

While most identity verification solutions are only 60-70% accurate, Intellicheck provides an industry-leading 99.9% accuracy rate that finds fakes when others cannot. 


Improve Your Customer Experience

Intellicheck takes less than a second to validate an ID, minimizing customer wait times and reducing abandonment. 


Integrate Into Your Existing Process

Our standards-based REST API lets you add identity validation anywhere in your existing processes and apps. 

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Preventing Online Account Takeovers

The Situation:
Fraud Follows a Legitimate Account Open

Our client had a problem – we stopped the fraudsters when opening accounts, but what about takeover after the account was opened? For critical online changes to the account or large transfers of money, how could they ensure the account holder was actually initiating it since one-time passwords are becoming so insecure?

The Solution:

ID Validation

From their app the financial institution asked the user to present their ID. Using IDN-Direct, they were able to build that step into their process, like they did on the account open side, while not inconveniencing their customers. IDs were easily scanned and verified in under a second.

Integrated Biometrics

Integrated facial biometrics meant that they could match the person with the ID to the person on the ID. Adding this step did not require any new vendor relationships or troubleshooting because it was offered through the same Intellicheck API.

The Result:

Account Takeover was reduced dramatically without any hit to their brand experience.

See how Intellicheck can help you prevent fraud, know your customers, age-verify your prospects, and validate IDs.