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Preventing Fraud at Call Centers

The Problem:
Call Centers Need to Remotely Validate Callers' Identities

Financial services companies have long been a target of fraudsters, and customers are more concerned than ever about the safety of their personal information. 

Industry leaders must continue to provide the best customer experiences possible while meeting regulations and keeping customers safe. Intellicheck provides many of the top financial institutions with 99.9% accurate identity validation.

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Find the Fakes

While most identity verification solutions are only 60-70% accurate, Intellicheck provides an industry-leading 99.9% accuracy rate that finds fakes when others cannot. 


Improve Your Customer Experience

Intellicheck takes less than a second to validate an ID, minimizing customer wait times and reducing abandonment. 


Integrate Into Your Existing Process

Our standards-based REST API lets you add identity validation anywhere in your existing processes and apps. 

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Preventing Fraud with Identity Validation

The Situation:
Bad Actors Attempting to Open Credit Card

Our client, a top 10 bank in the U.S., sent out credit card offers by mail. Customers needed to call in to accept the offer and activate their card.

Bad actors were posing as prospective customers and calling in to open fraudulent accounts. Our client already had a process in place to validate identities remotely. Sadly, their existing process wasn’t accurate enough; exposing the company to fraud and leading to delays for real customers.

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The Solution:

Identity Validation

The financial institution used Portal+ to prompt customers to present their IDs using the customer’s mobile phone. IDs were easily scanned and verified in under a second.

Integrated Biometrics

Integrated facial biometrics meant that they could match the person with the ID to the person on the ID. Adding this step did not require any new vendor relationships or troubleshooting because it was built directly into Portal+.

The Result:

A Fraud-Free Call Center

Their previous identity validation process took a long time to integrate, so they were nervous starting another process. Their contact call center was able to implement an Intellicheck pilot of Portal+ within a week, giving their employees access to identity validation that’s 99.9% accurate.

Ultimately, they cut their 90-day pilot short and chose to roll out Intellicheck at their other call centers within 30 days.

Discover how Intellicheck can help quickly deploy ID validation in your call centers and keep out bad actors.