How to Fake ID Proof Your Festival or Large Event

How to Fake ID Proof Your Festival or Large Event

Underage attendees at music festivals evading detection can carry big ramifications for those running the show and serving alcohol. Whereas minors caught attending such events may be held accountable for a non-criminal offense with a small fine, those who allow them to purchase a controlled substance are likely to be met with misdemeanor charges, fines, […]

How to Spot a Fake ID by State

How to spot fake IDs by state

Fake IDs are growing both in number and sophistication as identity thieves get more and more accurate with the details. Whether you are a bouncer at a club, a bartender serving alcohol, or a tobacco or cannabis shop, you must learn to verify an ID properly and detect a fake one from a mile away.  […]

The ID Checking Guide You Didn’t Know You Needed

With the new advancements in modern tech, catching fakes in real-time can be tricky. But just as your team is getting quicker at identifying fake IDs, identity fraudsters are advancing their methods for obtaining and generating fakes that can bypass security measures. For that reason, we’ve created an ID checking guide to help you catch […]