With more than 2 decades of expertise and a comprehensive North American ID document database, Intellicheck offers top-notch counterfeit detection for safeguarding inventory without customer inconvenience. By scanning IDs quickly, dealerships can confidently verify customer identities, preventing potential risks associated with fake IDs. Discover how Intellicheck prevents auto theft at the door.

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Single-Scan ID Verification

Verify IDs in seconds with no additional hardware or steps to your process. Intellicheck fits into any step of your process—before a test drive, during a rental reservation or coasting through a credit application. Designed for your customers but strong enough to keep the bad guys out, Intellicheck helps you ensure you’re handing over the keys to someone you can trust.

Intellicheck provides an industry-leading 99.9% accuracy rate that finds fakes when others cannot.

Intellicheck takes less than a second to validate an ID, minimizing customer wait times.

Our standards-based REST API lets you add identity validation anywhere in your existing processes and apps.

Case Study

Providing Fast & Accurate ID Verification for Dealerships

The situation

Customers Stole Vehicles During Test Drives

Two dealerships contacted us after losing vehicles to test drives. They had photocopies of the IDs, but police later told them the IDs were fake. They came to us to prevent these loses in the future.

The Solution

Intellicheck Portal

Using Intellicheck, the clients were able to equip their staff with our mobile app—easily downloadable to any iOS or Android smart phone or tablet—to validate customers’ IDs. The process was fast and easy for customers and didn’t require any new hardware for the dealership.

The result

More fraud stopped than expected.

Originally, the dealership said they wanted to stop 5-6 fakes a year, but after using Intellicheck they found that they were seeing many more fake IDs than they expected: as many as five in a single week. Now they catch fake IDs before ever handing over the keys.

Say goodbye to guesswork

Industry-leading counterfeit detection

We stop the majority of fraud by accurately detecting counterfeits—all in the scan of the barcode..

Document validity decisioning

Through our database of hidden security features for every North American ID, our platform can assess the validity of an identification document with one scan.

Easy to view results

Intellicheck automatically creates shareable analytics reports, giving you insight on fraud and risk scoring, AML/KYC checks, criminal screening, biometrics, and more.

Ongoing compliance monitoring

Customize verification and KYC requirements to monitor fraud, prevent account takeovers, and pass compliance every single time.

Risk management

Conduct risk-scoring on individuals through 3rd party data that combs for criminal records, harmful internet activity, and more.

Significantly reduce false negatives and false positives

With a three-step process and a 99.9% accuracy rate, you can verify in seconds with peace of mind.

Common Mode: Capture

Take full control & stop auto theft

Dealerships and rental agencies need to verify their new and returning clients to protect their inventory and their business. The capture mode helps them do that, no matter what device they use. For wherever and however you do business.



use cases

Frictionless, hardware-free, 
go anywhere identity verification

Give your customers the best identity experience they never knew they had.

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