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Intellicheck offers a versatile solution for seamless in-person or online account onboarding, preventing account takeovers discreetly. With over two decades of experience and a robust North American ID database, it provides industry-leading counterfeit detection, ensuring swift and compliant onboarding or verification. Quickly scan your customer's ID to confidently conduct business, prioritizing speed and building trust, all while staying compliant with regulations.

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Focus on building meaningful customer relationships

Keep customers loyal to your bank without ever having to make them feel like you don’t trust them. It’s no secret that banks and financial services companies are a major target of fraudsters. That’s why customers worry about sharing their personal information. What’s worse is customers are quick to admit that if they experience fraud with an account, they’re likely to leave and go to a new bank or financial institution.

Intellicheck provides the best experiences your customer never knew they had, while helping you keep their trust and loyalty through account security. With a solution designed for your customers, but strong enough to keep the bad guys out, Intellicheck safeguards your business so you can focus on your customers.

Intellicheck provides an industry-leading 99.9% accuracy rate that finds fakes when others cannot.

Intellicheck takes less than a second to validate an ID, minimizing customer wait times.

Our standards-based REST API lets you add identity validation anywhere in your existing processes and apps.

Case Study

Prevent account takeovers

The situation

Fraud Follows a Legitimate Account Open.

Our client faced a challenge: although we successfully prevented fraud during account openings, concerns arose about potential takeovers post-account establishment. To address issues related to significant account changes or large money transfers, the client sought a solution to verify that the account holder was genuinely initiating these actions, especially given the diminishing security of one-time passwords.

The Solution

ID Validation

Leveraging Intellicheck, our client incorporated our solution seamlessly into their process, without their customers ever knowing we were there.  IDs were easily scanned and verified in less time than it took for them to create casual conversation.

Integrated Biometrics

Integrated facial biometrics meant that they could match the person with the ID to the person on the ID. Adding this step did not require any new vendor relationships or troubleshooting because it was offered through the same Intellicheck API.

The result

Account Takeover was reduced dramatically without any hit to their brand experience.

Say goodbye to guesswork

Industry-leading counterfeit detection

We stop the majority of fraud by accurately detecting counterfeits—all in the scan of the barcode..

Document validity decisioning

Through our database of hidden security features for every North American ID, our platform can assess the validity of an identification document with one scan.

Easy to view results

Intellicheck automatically creates shareable analytics reports, giving you insight on fraud and risk scoring, AML/KYC checks, criminal screening, biometrics, and more.

Ongoing compliance monitoring

Customize verification and KYC requirements to monitor fraud, prevent account takeovers, and pass compliance every single time.

Risk management

Conduct risk-scoring on individuals through 3rd party data that combs for criminal records, harmful internet activity, and more.

Significantly reduce false negatives and false positives

With a three-step process and a 99.9% accuracy rate, you can verify in seconds with peace of mind.

Common Mode: Direct

Take full control & meet compliance every single time

Banks and financial institutions need to verify their new and returning customers at every instance to maintain compliance with industry regulations and prevent account takeovers. Most commonly utilizing our Direct mode of instance, we make balancing compliance and building customer loyalty simple for our customers.



use cases

Frictionless, hardware-free, 
go anywhere identity verification

Give your customers the best identity experience they never knew they had.

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