Intellicheck Mobile and SDK

The Best Identity Validation in the Palm of Your Hand

Use the Intellicheck Mobile App or Use Our SDK to Integrate Intellicheck into Yours

Identity verification happens everywhere. It happens online. It happens in a store. It happens at a stadium. It happens at the call center. It used to be that you had to rely on the human eye or specialty scanners. However, with Intellicheck, you can get 99.9% accuracy with your mobile phone.

With IDN-Portal and IDN-Portal Plus, you get Intellicheck Mobile, an iOS or Android app that you can download from the App Store and use with your Intellicheck account. With IDN-Direct, you get an SDK so you can build the power of Intellicheck into your own apps and user experience.

Intellicheck Mobile
Ready To Use Mobile App.

  • Validate an ID in less than a second
  • Easy to use
    • Scan the ID with a mobile phone
    • On screen reminder to compare ID photo
    • Pass/fail audio alerts
    • Custom summary results from validation
    • Set age threshold
    • Set groups – VIP, Do Not Serve, etc.
    • See re-entrant and group alerts
  • Download from iOS or Google app store
  • No integration required

Put Intellicheck in Your App.

  • All the capabilities of IDN-Mobile but, integrated into your apps, systems and brand experience with our Mobile SDK
  • Validate an ID in less than a second – don’t delay your process with slow transaction speed
  • Get 99.9% accuracy – know if the ID is real, don’t lose customers with offline manual review processes
  • Control your Identity Validation process
  • Full branding control

Problems We Solve

Learn more about the benefits of Intellicheck for your business.

Fraud Prevention

Detect and prevent fraud before it costs your business.

Know Your Customer

Verify that your customers are who they say they are.

Age Verification

Don’t get fooled by a realistic-looking fake ID. 

The Intellicheck Difference


Intellicheck leads the industry with 99.9% accuracy.


Transactions are processed in under a second.


Pros and novices can get the same ID validation results.


Be up and running in less than one hour. Sign in and go.

Need More Proof?

See how others in your industry are using Intellicheck.

See how Intellicheck can help you prevent fraud, know your customers, age-verify your prospects, and validate IDs.