Intellicheck Identity Platform

A Complete Identity Platform...

montage of IDs

1. Validate Any Document Anywhere

  • Understand if the ID is real or fake
  • Scan the bar code or read the RFID
  • Any document, any geography – physical, digital, global
  • Fill in a form
  • Match info on the document’s RFID or barcode to info on the document
  • Any-channel – mobile (employee, customer), POS scanner, online, kiosk, in-person

2. Match the Person on the Document with the One Presenting It

  • Facial Biometrics – choose your vendor (show logos)
  • Facial match, liveness detection
  • Compare to the photo on the ID

3. Understand the Risk of Doing Business with that Person

  • Risk scoring
  • Plug-in third party signals – show categories
  • Analyze data / signals

4. Track Trends and Issues

  • Understand the trends and issues in your transactional data 
  • Provide history to auditors, regulators, police 

...with the specs to match

Cloud-based Identity Services

No software to install

Standard-based Rest APIs

Use your team's existing knowledge

SDKs for Mobile App Integration

Build into your apps

Plug in External Signals Through Our Partner Ecosystem

Build your risk score and analysis based on the information important to your business

Any-channel - Mobile (employee, customer), POS scanner, Online, Kiosk, In-person

Use it where your customers and employees are

System Scales to Millions of Simultaneous Transactions

We're ready for your growth and seasonal peaks

...that solves important identity issues

Fraud Prevention

Know Your Customer

Age Verification

In ways that help your business ways that help your business

  • Instant/ fast – sub second respond keeps real time real 
  • High assurance – high accuracy creates strong trust 
  • Reduced friction – fewer steps equals less friction 
  • Better process – automatically fill in forms 
  • Fast set-up – turn-on-and-use or API-driven integrations into your process and systems

...and let’s you chart your own course


Mobile app-based ID validation.

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Browser and mobile ID validation.

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API-driven identity validation.

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Turn on and use

Intellicheck Mobile for iOS & Android

No integration required

Retail Validation

Online Validation

Facial Matching – Liveness Detection

Advanced Analytics

Criminal Data

Global Document Validation

Intellicheck Business Insights

POS Scanner Integration

Sanctions and OFAC

Full Branding Control

Risk Scoring

Plugable Signals / Data Sources


Mobile SDK