3 Key Benefits of a Handheld ID Scanner

3 Key Benefits of a Handheld ID Scanner
3 Key Benefits of a Handheld ID Scanner
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Handheld ID scanners are a great way to check if an ID is real and to extract information from the ID. Handheld ID scanners are typically paired with verification software to prevent fraudsters from slipping passed through. They can improve ID checking efficiency, reduce the risk of underaged individuals, keep a record of past fraudulent IDs, and protect your business from potential losses in income.

1. Reduced Risk of Underaged Individuals

Reducing fraud risk associated with underaged individuals is a key reason to have a handheld ID scanner. Most underaged individuals get their fake IDs online from a professional. Sophisticated fake ID producers pride themselves on their ability to make IDs that look real to the naked eye. These fake IDs can be detected by a handheld ID scanner with the right software.

Fake ID producers publicly advertise that less extensive ID checking measures will not detect that they are fake. Here is an excerpt from one of these sites as an example:

“For instance, if you need to get a government based service, your fake ID must pass all necessary government tests, including the visual tests, backlight tests, security such as holograms and text, and more. If you are looking for the right online platform to help you create a working id card, REDACTED is the right place for you! The platform is reputable and boasts of the best quality and secure fake ids on the market. The fake ids feature several security features, match regular legal ones in every aspect, and pass legal ones”

Some handheld ID scanners are backed by identity verification software, like Intellicheck, that can determine whether these highly accurate IDs are fake.

2. Improve ID Checking Efficiency

A handheld ID scanner is a great way to improve your ID checking effectiveness. When you go to a bar, for instance, they typically check IDs to prevent underaged drinkers. However, relying on a bouncer or a bartender means that inspection happens visually, and varies based on who is doing the checking. This means that finding fake IDs is a matter of the checker’s skill.

A Handheld ID scanner improves this process. With a handheld ID scanner, bars can scan IDs quickly and admit people with greater certainty that their ID is real. Handheld ID scanners can improve efficiency while reducing the risk of having admitting individuals.

3. Keep Record of Past Fraudulent IDs

Keeping records of your past fraudulent IDs can help when you need to identify fraud activity. Many fraudsters will order multiple IDs in the event that one of their fake IDs is confiscated. This helps identify red flags in case they try to come back. They will be alerted that a specific individual tried to use a fake ID again. Handheld scanner systems can store this information to prevent fraud.

Protecting Your Business

Companies are liable if they are caught accepting fake IDs. In some cases, they can be fined or even lose their liquor license. This can be a major risk even if they are following corporate outlined processes for checking IDs. Getting caught with underaged individuals in your bar is a huge personal and professional liability. Handheld ID scanners can help prevent extremes like this from happening, while also bringing peace of mind to employees across the board.

Intellicheck helps prevent fraud before it happens. Intellicheck is easy to use and easy to integrate into your systems and processes. It is also highly accurate, detecting fake IDs over 99.9% of the time, and helping you reduce your exposure to fraudsters.

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