Everything You Need to Know About Checking IDs for Alcohol

Everything You Need to Know About Checking IDs for Alcohol
Everything You Need to Know About Checking IDs for Alcohol
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As an establishment that sells alcohol, you have a responsibility to do your part in preventing underage drinkers from slipping through the cracks. When it comes to checking IDs for alcohol, one wrong move can cost you significantly. Failing to catch underage drinkers can not only put the community at risk, but can also put your business at risk for lawsuits or shutdown. Here are a few things you can do to catch fake IDs in the moment:

Check IDs at the Door

While some grocery stores and restaurants might not restrict entry of customers based on age, bars and liquor stores should exercise extra caution when checking IDs for alcohol. Underage drinkers have been getting around age restrictions with relative ease by:

  • Having “of-age” friends purchase their drinks from the bartender
  • Using fake IDs to trick bartenders and store clerks

To prevent underage drinkers from using these sly tricks and more, one of the best techniques is to check IDs for alcohol establishments at the door.

Use the FLAG Method

Checking IDs is something that is obligatory for any establishment that sells age-restricted products. For those checking IDs for alcohol by hand, try checking out our ultimate ID checking guide or using the FLAG method, which stands for:

  • Feel– Identify the tactile features of an ID:
    • Check for the laser embossing on signature and date of birth
    • Feel the magnetic strip to see if it’s been sealed properly
  • Look– Find the features that are identifiable to the naked eye such as:
    • Transparent imagery
    • Expiration date
    • Laser engraving (outline of state or state-specific emblem)
  • Ask Questions– While knowledge-based authentication (KBA) is generally ineffective by itself, using KBA can help you catch underage drinkers in the moment. Ask them to confirm:
    • Driver’s License Number
    • Zip Code
    • Date of Birth
  • Give Back or Get It– If you can confirm the ID is real, proceed with the sale. If you have reasonable doubt that the ID is fake, you should confiscate it and turn it over to the appropriate authorities.

Although the methods above can be incredibly effective simply using the naked eye, technological solutions can add an additional often-needed layer of security.

Try an ID Scanner

While the FLAG method can help you catch poorly made fakes, more sophisticated fake IDs can slip past trained professionals with relative ease. That’s why you will want to integrate an ID scanner for heightened accuracy in catching fakes. With that said, you don’t want just any simple scanner— you need a scanner that can catch fakes with the highest accuracy possible. That’s where Intellicheck’s ID checking solution comes in. Intellicheck can almost completely eliminate the number of fakes falling through the cracks.

Ensure Total Accuracy with Intellicheck

With the latest technology, today’s fake IDs can look as real as ever. Thanks to modern advancements, we now also have improved technologies for catching convincing fakes, such as systems like Intellicheck. Intellicheck is a convenient and foolproof ID checking tool that can be installed right onto a smartphone or your point-of-sale system. It guarantees over 99% accuracy as well as improved efficiency to ensure the safety of everyone involved. With Intellicheck, you can make certain your business runs as smoothly as possible without a second glance.