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How one of the largest credit card issuers in the U.S. used Intellicheck to stop fraud at their call centers

A call center worker smiles warmly while seated at her work station.
A call center worker smiles warmly while seated at her work station.
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The Situation

One of the three largest credit card issuers in the U.S. was having issues with bad actors at their call centers. The bank was sending out credit cards by mail, and customers needed to call in to activate their card. Bad actors were posing as customers and calling in to activate cards that did not belong to them.

Our client had already put a process in place to authenticate ID cards remotely and stop fraud. Sadly, their existing process was less than 65% accurate, exposing the company and its customers to fraud, and leading to frustrating delays for as many as 40% of their real customers. They were looking for a more accurate solution that could validate IDs while their representatives were on the phone with customers.

Their existing identity validation process took substantial budget and time to integrate, and technical resources were already stretched thin. They were understandably nervous about starting another integration process and worried other solutions would yield comparable results.

Identity validation using Portal+ from Intellicheck

The card issuer undertook a pilot of Intellicheck’s Portal+. Using Portal+, contact agents would be able to request that customers validate themselves using their own mobile device. The solution would make it easy for customers to scan their ID and get verified while remaining on the phone with the contact center agent.

On the other end, Intellicheck would process the ID and validate its authenticity in under a second. The whole process would take the call center agent and the customer less than a minute.


After 30 days, the Portal+ pilot had proven so effective in stopping fraud without inconveniencing their customers, that they chose to cut their 90-day pilot short. They began rolling out Portal+ to all 20,000+ of their contact call center agents. Today, Intellicheck is implemented directly into their systems through our quick and simple API.

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