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Intellicheck’s ID Validation Solution Enables Dark Horse Intelligence to Help More Victims of Fraud

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Dark Horse Intelligence is a global investigation agency with extensive experience in combating identity theft in both the traditional and cryptocurrency sectors. Their agency, which also includes Recover My Crypto and Gaslamp Quarter Investigation, services law enforcement, legal, corporate, and financial communities around the world, leveraging a highly proficient team of skilled investigators and fraud examiners.

Intellicheck’s quick and accurate ID validation platform has proven to be an integral part of  helping Dark Horse Intelligence reduce the risk of manual errors, trim hours off of internal processing, and put their focus back on the security of their clients.


Lack of Accuracy Posed Big Risks

As part of their work, Dark Horse Intelligence works with a variety of major law enforcement agencies on a consistent basis, including the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, assisting in the apprehension and prosecution of many types of criminals.

These affiliations leave no room for error in who they help. This is especially true when focusing on crimes in cryptocurrency as the industry has yet to see any set standard emerge on whether or not it can be considered a valid financial instrument. It also further heightens the importance of presenting law enforcement agencies with verified proof of the impact criminality within the space is having on real victims.

Victims’ identities simply must be validated for their claims to be taken seriously by relevant authorities. Without a solid authentication partner, however, Dark Horse Intelligence was forced to confirm identities themselves through a manual process that can be prone to human error–a major risk for their reputation, the industry, and victims.

Time Consuming Manual Verification

When victims seek help from Dark Horse Intelligence, the first step is to validate that they are who they say they are through KYC authentication measures. The reports taken will be shared with law enforcement and cryptocurrency exchanges making it crucial that each person’s identity is successfully confirmed so they will be taken seriously.

Unfortunately, to handle this process, Dark Horse Intelligence was resorting to an entirely manual process. These were not only slow–taking upwards of three hours to complete–they were also vulnerable to human error.

Intellicheck Solutions

Powerful Technology

When Tom Chavez, CEO and Director of Intelligence at Dark Horse Intelligence, first came across Intellicheck, he was onboarding his company for a corporate credit card at a major, well-known bank. Chavez was particularly impressed by the way they conducted the identity verification phase (KYC) of the process. He was sent a simple URL link to submit his ID with facial recognition through a selfie. The process and technology were something he had yet to encounter and led him to investigate Intellicheck more deeply. He particularly liked the lack of warning, because he knew this would catch a fraudster off guard.

“As a licensed private investigator, this was the first time in my career that I had ever come across KYC without any notice, which is good because you need to have that element of surprise. A scammer could never plan for something like this.”

Intellicheck gives Dark Horse Intelligence the time advantage needed to stay on top of potential scammers and to substantially reduce processing times–where once they could stretch on for hours now takes mere minutes.

Trusted Results

Intellicheck boasts a 99.9% accuracy rating. Coupled with its facial recognition liveness feature–which captures and verifies client’s identities through a selfie–the Dark Horse Intelligence team knows with certainty that the person presenting the ID matches the documents that are being presented.

This technology enables them to streamline the entire ID validation process and focus on doing what they do best – prosecuting and investigating.

“Scammers run rampant around the world, especially in cryptocurrency. As a licensed private investigator, I no longer have to worry about whether my clients are truly victims or scammers. Intellicheck helps me to thoroughly vet identities instantly so I can help those who really need it.”


  • Peace of mind- Thanks to Intellicheck, the team at Dark Horse Intelligence can rest assured that documents submitted by their clients are legitimate and that they match up with the person submitting them. This level of accuracy also helps them remain in good standing with the law enforcement agencies they work with, providing credibility.
  • Hours of time saved- Manual validation practices have been replaced by a quick and efficient URL link feature reducing verification methods from hours to minutes. This enables Dark Horse Intelligence to put their focus back on the security of their clients.
  • Eliminating manual mistakes- With the backend work of ID verification being secured by Intellicheck, the team is free to tackle pressing prosecution and investigation concerns without fear of manual mistakes slowing their pace.

About Intellicheck

Intellicheck (Nasdaq: IDN) is a trusted industry leader in technology solutions that stop identity theft and fraud with real-time identity verification and authentication. We make it possible for our clients to increase revenues, improve customer service, and increase operational efficiencies. The company is focused on partnering with banks, credit card issuers, and retailers to prevent fraud. Intellicheck also serves law enforcement agencies, national defense clients, and diverse state and federal government agencies. For more information on Intellicheck, visit us on the web at Intellicheck.com.

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