Law Enforcement: Your ID Validation System Matters, And Here’s Why

Law Enforcement: Your ID Validation System Matters, And Here’s Why
Law Enforcement: Your ID Validation System Matters, And Here’s Why
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Law enforcement officers have long utilized technology to handle their daily duties. This is especially true where identity checks are concerned. The laptop in the cruiser or a phone call to the DMV traditionally handled the task, but what if the officer is on foot or needs to clear a location with multiple people?

Whether police officers clear a bar or run an underaged sting operation, the right technology can move the process forward quickly and smoothly.

Faster, More Effective Process

In cases like an underage sting operation, where an officer might need to close a bar to check IDs, people can become unsettled if the process takes too long. Running IDs back to the cruiser or calling the DMV through the room noise can extend the process, require more officers and lead to tensions with the people being checked.

With Intellicheck, however, officers use their mobile phones to check IDs and move the process forward as fast as possible. A call to the DMV might require careful listening to understand the result, and a trip back to the squad car may require an additional person. Intellicheck allows the officer to do all their work in place regardless of the room noise or the need for assistance.

No Accuracy Drop-off

Accuracy is a crucial factor to consider when performing ID checks. Inaccurate processes can have life-threatening ramifications, allowing crimes to go undetected and individuals at fault to walk free.

Intellicheck has proven to be highly effective at identity validation at 99.9% accuracy. When an officer is away from their cruiser and cannot call the DMV to check an ID, there is no quality drop-off.

The Best Option

With Intellicheck’s ID validation platform, law enforcement agencies have been able to equip officers with mobile phone-based applications for ID validation in the field.

This has given them access to industry-leading accuracy of 99.9% and subsecond validation speeds. Best of all, these capabilities come away from an officer’s cruiser or a call to the DMV. Intellicheck helps an officer to be as effective as possible and to serve the needs of their community.

Effective ID Validation

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