Intellicheck Law ID Reduces At-Risk Situations

Intellicheck Law ID Reduces At-Risk Situations
Intellicheck Law ID Reduces At-Risk Situations
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At-risk situations are an unfortunate fact of life for law enforcement. It takes a unique set of skills and commitment to consider becoming an officer. It’s a difficult job to endure and fulfill with potential threats in every situation. Society needs such heroes to stay safe, as these men and women gladly accept the sacrifice for the sake of their fellow citizens. Fortunately, Intellicheck has developed a simple to use technological solution designed to minimize these at-risk situations. Law ID increases an officer’s situational awareness by making it possible to quickly scan an unknown contact’s ID while reducing the officer’s loss of visual contact with that person.

Those of you with law enforcement experience or friends and family who have served or do serve understand all too well that officers must view every encounter as a potential risk. Law ID reduces that risk by providing an officer with real-time information about the individual straight from the barcode on their ID. Law ID immediately authenticates the contact’s identification card using a smartphone or tablet. Not only is the officer able to immediately have confirmation of whom he or she is dealing with, but is also able to access vital information immediately. Importantly, Law ID also connects the officer with critical databases including, the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), state records, and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) ensuring that the latest available information is at their fingertips. A real-time snapshot of exactly what the individual or individuals encountered represent. The officer can now quickly take action based on the facts received on the individual. This kind of information available without delay stands to make another critical difference. It de-escalates the contact for all parties involved. We know this because officers have shared with us that as seconds tick by, stress rises. They have seen it time and time again. That’s when tempers can flare, and unfortunate circumstances can evolve.

The other benefit is what the officer gains in time and efficiency. The job is tough enough. Law ID reduces the time involved in necessary paperwork that must be completed at the end of a shift. It delivers the perfect solution, reducing the time it takes to fill out reports by automatically populating standardized forms with information retrieved during the records search. This solution not only potentially increases the officer’s time in the field by reducing the required time behind a desk, it eases a requirement and gives back that time that might also mean going home just a little bit earlier.

These are difficult times for law enforcement in communities across the country. Resources are stretched thin, and demands grow. With this cutting-edge technology, we aim to lessen the burden and help make the job safer and a bit easier. To partner up with Intellicheck, visit our website and let us know how best to get in touch with you.

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