Mobile Face Recognition: Why Just Scanning an ID Virtually Isn’t Enough

Mobile Face Recognition: Why Just Scanning an ID Virtually Isn’t Enough
Mobile Face Recognition: Why Just Scanning an ID Virtually Isn’t Enough
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What Is Mobile Facial Recognition?

Facial recognition uses your face to unlock a device without needing to press any buttons or enter any information. It analyzes various parts of your face, including your eyes placement and nose width, and then combines and converts them into a unique code to authenticate your identity. This is designed to protect against stolen identities with AI liveness and anti-spoofing confirmation.

Smartphone cameras use depth sensors and dot projectors to map over 30,000 different facial points. The facial recognition software uses this data and develops an artificial 3D scan secure enough to verify your identity and unlock the phone, verify digital payments and quickly onboard new clients even in a remote environment.

How Does This Prevent Fraud in a Digital World

Someone with a stolen identity can replicate an ID with relative ease. With this information, they can open up a credit card or take a loan with no intent to repay, which can hurt the individual whose SSN was stolen. These imposters can also access other associated personal accounts such as banking apps.

Mobile facial recognition technology has proven its mettle in various security-critical setups such as border control areas, airports, and financial institutions, such as banks. Mobile facial recognition has swiftly and accurately recognized known criminals and blacklisted people.

However, the on-going evolution and cost-effectiveness of the mobile facial recognition solution make it an attractive preventive protocol for a broader security indicator. Matching and verifying a customer’s face from known data will allow your business to quickly identify legit customers.

What Are The Ideal Solutions?

Mobile facial recognition can be especially effective in the new member onboarding process. Users can submit their ID and a real-time selfie in a web browser or from their mobile phone. With highly accurate solutions, such as  you can match the selfie against the picture extracted from the member’s uploaded ID and confirm the match in seconds.

While this is effective if the user is trying to apply using somebody else’s ID, some fraudsters may be able to get around this by creating a synthetic identity and uploading a fake ID. That’s why it’s always a good idea to pair your mobile facial recognition software with an ID checking solution with increased accuracy.

Eliminate the Margin for Fraudsters

When you partner a secure ID checking solution with a highly accurate mobile facial recognition software, you can minimize the opportunity for fraudsters to sneak past your fraud prevention tactics. Intellicheck is the ideal ID authentication technology solution for both in-person and online transactions to prevent fraud.

Intellicheck’s suite of fraud prevention solutions are user-friendly and offer easy integration into your existing POS system. Not only will it save you time and efforts, but it also reduces the risk of missing any fraudsters slipping through your defense line.

Ready to start minimizing your fraud risk factors? Check out how Intellicheck has collaborated with Ipsidy to offer a comprehensive solution to virtual fraud!

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