Verifying Driver’s License Barcodes by State

Verifying Driver’s License Barcodes by State
Verifying Driver’s License Barcodes by State
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As a business managing age-restricted purchases and engagements, you know that scanning an ID is the quickest way to verify a person’s identity thanks to the barcode found on the back. But did you know that those barcodes differ on driver’s licenses by state?

Each state has different information that is displayed when the barcode is scanned. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself and your employees with different driver’s license barcodes by state so they know what to expect when you scan them. This can help catch fakes in real-time as fraudsters may not do their due diligence or have the technology to accurately replicate a barcode.

Distinct Information on Drivers Licenses by State

ID data is encoded in different ways and displays distinct information on their respective driver’s license barcodes by state.

For example, some states’ driver license barcodes, such as South Carolina and Michigan, may display a very limited amount of information when scanned making them easy to replicate. Other states’ driver license barcodes, such as Washington and Wisconsin, will display more in-depth information making it more difficult to replicate.

In short, where some display basic information, others may go further and reveal more detailed information about the person. The barcode technology is one of the most significant safeguards against identity-related frauds but is by no means a sure-fire solution if you don’t invest in the right one.

Why You Need A Good Barcode Scanner

Technology has enabled ID fraudsters and imposters to produce fakes that are hard to detect with a naked eye. A standard barcode scanner can catch cheaper, poorly made fake IDs, but well-produced fakes can be nearly impossible to identify. In fact, many fake ID producers take pride in their barcode replication skills.

All of the producers of fake IDs advertising online use their ability to bypass the standard scanner, especially those used by most bars and restaurants, as the primary value prop when purchasing their product.

In order to really protect your business from fraudsters, you need an ID scanner that goes above and beyond the standard methods. That’s why you may want to consider using the proven, regulatory-compliant identity authentication platform, Intellicheck.

Why Intellicheck Is The Best Option

Intellicheck’s ID scanning solution validates drivers licenses with a 99% success rate. It is the most accurate, cost-effective, and user-friendly software available for checking and authenticating IDs, including verifying drivers license by state.

Intellicheck knows all the details about how barcodes are supposed to be coded, and what to look for. In fact, they work directly with State ID producers to provide feedback on how well new IDs are made. This gives Intellicheck access to a wealth of untapped industry knowledge that standard scanners can’t compete with.

An ID checking solution is only as effective as its coverage. Intellicheck can authenticate the over 250 unique barcode formats from every state and Canadian province.

And, unlike other ID checking solutions that require the purchase of additional hardware, Intellicheck’s solutions can be installed directly onto your mobile device with a mobile app. This makes the platform more versatile for ventures that are on-the-go like for concerts or festivals.

Intellicheck understands that different industries require different levels of authentication efforts and therefore may require different features. That’s why Intellicheck offers a suite of authentication solutions designed to meet your specific needs and support the unique regulations of each industry served.

Catch Fakes with the Highest Accuracy

Rather than investing time and resources into memorizing the difference between drivers license barcodes by state, invest in the cost-effective, realtime ID authentication software proven to work by businesses across the country. With Intellicheck, you can catch fakes in the moment regardless of the industry with the highest accuracy possible. This makes it easier to protect your business while saving you from fraudsters and identity thieves.


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